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Ohio Squirrel Removal – Squirrels In Attic & Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel Removal is a highly common service offered by wildlife control companies in Ohio. Professional squirrel removal is important to avoid any hazards or companies that are not trustworthy. Squirrel removal services are executed by installing traps closest to the entry site that the squirrels are using. Nuisance squirrels in the attic will be constantly chewing away at your boards on the outside of your home.

Generally LT’s (Live Traps) are set closest to the point of entry the squirrels are utilizing to gain access to your attic. If the circumstances allow, a one-way funnel trap can also be installed over the squirrel hole leading into your attic. The funnel traps will be able to catch multiple squirrels at a time, and so it can solve the problem rather quickly. Never attempt squirrel removal on your own, this is dangerous work and requires professional help.

A concern among a lot of our clientele is the number of squirrels we will catch on their property, since most all companies have a removal fee for every squirrel that is captured. This is a financial concern, but really it’s not as severe a situation as people depict in their minds. Since we set traps over the entry hole, or around the entry hole, we will only be catching the squirrels entering the homeowners attic, and not every squirrel in the neighborhood.

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Although the local squirrel population may be plentiful in your neighborhood, 10-12 squirrels caught on a trapping job is NOT a realistic number. Some people have guessed as far as 30 when assuming what the potential number of caught squirrels could be, but that’s simply not the case. From our professional experience in Ohio squirrel removal, we have found that the average squirrel job will yield between 2-4 squirrels on average. Those numbers can go up on rare occasions, but we only trap until the hole goes inactive, meaning we will only be catching the squirrels causing your issues. If we catch 8 squirrels, that means that you’ve had 8 squirrels ripping through your attic, and the cost to repair the damage of long-term infestation of 8 squirrels is nothing compared to trapping and removal fees. The immediate problem is always catching the culprits responsible for the damage.

After the squirrels have been trapped and removed from your Ohio property, we can then move on to the damage repair process. Repairing damages caused by squirrels is something that must be done to avoid future infestation. Call an Ohio wildlife specialist today for Ohio squirrel removal.

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