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Necessary Steps To Keep Critters Out After Animal Damage Repairs

Animal Damage Repair is a term commonly used among wildlife control professionals which can mean many different things, as animals cause A LOT of different types of damage. Ohio Wildlife Control specializes in repairing animal damage for Ohio residents and business owners. Our team is the most successful animal damage repair service in operation and is capable of handling any issue that might present in your home or attic. Call our team today to get your repair service started!


Animal-related damage is not limited to one species. All kinds of invading wildlife are capable of damaging your property. Furthermore, many types of damage can put your home’s livability or structural integrity into question. Therefore, it is important to fix any damage you notice as quickly as possible. In the following paragraphs, we will describe in detail some of the more common types of damage we deal with.

Interior damage is commonly found whenever animals are able to enter your home. Namely, raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, and others can make an absolute mess of your home in no time. Animals such as raccoons and squirrels are notorious for damaging vents, leaving droppings, clawing away at insulation, scratching up drywall, carpet, and floorboards, and chewing through electrical wires. All of these forms of interior damage leave you and your family in danger and your home at risk of becoming increasingly uninhabitable in many ways. For instance, a chewed-through wire poses an immediate risk of electrocution, while piles of animal droppings can present a much less obvious danger in their capacity to harbor diseases.

Exterior damage is just as important to handle as interior damage if not moreso. Because of the threat of new animals invading your home, any structural issue should be addressed immediately. You may notice holes in your walls, soffits, fascia, roof, or forced entry points near or inside vents, ducts, or even underneath your deck or your home’s foundation. Furthermore, exterior damage presents the risk of exposing the inside of your home or attic to the elements. Because Ohio experiences many weather extremes on all parts of the spectrum, it is critical that you fix any exterior damage as quickly as possible.


Besides damage, we also handle animal removal for all common Ohio species. For example, we can safely remove bird which nest in your vents or other locations in your homes. Additionally, we can remove one or more rogue squirrels or raccoons that make their way into your house. In all cases, it is important to act quickly before the animals in question are allowed to reproduce. Animals such as bats in your attic can form colonies with staggering numbers, multiplying your troubles exponentially in a very short time. Therefore, you should contact us as soon as you notice animals in your home or attic.

Once all animals are removed from your home or attic, we can move onto repairing any damaged areas. Often times, it is necessary to fully sanitize and deodorize the areas as well. This ensures that not only is the area safe to operate in, but also that you aren’t subject to future invasions. Deodorizing is often necessary not only to remove odors, but also to wash away any lingering pheromones which serve to attract other critters.

Ohio Wildlife Control is the premier animal damage repair service in the many Ohio communities. Our team is highly experienced, well-trained, and ready to handle any job you may have for us. Get in touch with us by submitting a form on our contact page. We look forward to helping restore your home to its former safe state!

Below, we is a non-comprehensive list of some types of damage we commonly deal with:

  1. Squirrels Chewing Holes In Roof
  2. Raccoons Ripping Open Vents
  3. Birds Nesting In Dryer Vents
  4. Bats Infesting Attics
  5. Groundhogs Burrowing Under Decks & Foundations
  6. Animal Guano Dispersed Through Attic
  7. Insulation Contaminated By Critter Pheromones

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