About Us: Buckeye Advertising Solutions (BAS)

#1 Advantage: BAS Marketers Are BWS Technicians: We Are Not Your Everyday Marketing Team.

About Buckeye Advertising Solutions (BAS)

Buckeye Advertising Solutions is a professional & personable marketing service which was created by the founders of our parent company in Columbus, OH – Buckeye Wildlife Solutions (BWS). The BAS team advertises for small businesses in Ohio that offer wildlife control & pest extermination services only. Because of that fact, we are able to maintain a personable relationship with each business owner whom we offer professional listings to. Unlike most marketer and business owner relationships, for lack of a better word, we actually have some common ground & knowledge with each company & its owner; the industry of wildlife & pest control.

About The BAS Team – Why Choose An Ohio Service Provider Through BAS?

Everyone that is here on the BAS marketing team are also experts in wildlife & pest control. BAS marketers are actually Buckeye Wildlife Solutions employees who spend half their time working in the field wrangling critters, with the other half of our time spent on being productive in the BAS office working on computers. That’s what sets us apart from other marketers in our industry, and why our directory is the best choice for consumers.

If you are a homeowner you should feel confident in hiring one of our service providers, because we only deal with professionals. We say that with deep sincerity, because as we explained in our introduction, we exclusively advertise for companies in the same industry as Buckeye Wildlife Solutions; so we actually know what “professional” means for an animal & pest company, unlike more traditional marketing businesses who may try hard to make companies whom they market for to appear professional online, but in reality that is not always be the case. Rest assured that every Ohio Wildlife Control Operator (OWCO) that is listed in our BAS directory are certified and have obtained their licenses through the Ohio Division Of Wildlife.

The link below that you see underlined in blue will bring you to a page managed & created by the the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources where you can view the list of every Ohio Wildlife Control Operator that has obtained a Commercial Wild Animal Control License. You will notice that every company listed in the BAS wildlife control directory will be on this list, guaranteed!

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You Can Learn More About The Wildlife Control Company In Your Area By Visiting Their Personalized BAS Listing.

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What our customers say?

We are number 1 in their book!

“Our technician not only showed up early to the appointment, but showed up with the proper tools and knowledgeable background to help manage and take care of my mole issue! Immediately we knew we were in great hands! I will highly recommend BWS to friends and family in the future, superb customer service and extremely professional in my book! ”

Justin | Lewis Center, OH

“I had an issue with a few of raccoons that were visiting my yard. I called Buckeye Wildlife and they came out to perform an inspection and trap setup. We had a catch on the second day of trapping, and the others quickly followed suit. It took about 4 days to capture the bunch. He recommended a few repairs and offered some tips on preventing more from entering my yard. After a few yard and fencing repairs I have had no further issues. I hope I never have this issue again, but if I do I’m calling BWS. ”

Anthony | Powell, Ohio